The pace of change for businesses in the digital and networked society age is increasing more and more. The rise of globalization, digitalization and urbanization are just some of the key transformative trends that one must contend with. The need to transform is therefore a must. As greater demands are placed on organizations, the ability to manage and adapt to such factors is crucial to success.

Anything is possible – Everything is transforming
At the same time, research shows that two thirds of all changes fail. Often, the lack of communication and leadership is inherently linked to the failure and inability to achieve the desired results. For this reason greater attention must be placed on the individual, for it is the individual who ultimately brings to life the transformation and creative value in the last row. Enabling employees to invest a high degree of emotional energy, ultimately allows for the greatest progression.

Years of experience in transformation, both in large companies and in my own life, coupled with extensive knowledge in behavior, incentives, and motivation, has enabled me to offer the competence needed to develop an organizations formula when dealing with transformative cultures. Emphasis must be placed on a culture of constant change, which is created and pursued within an organization instead of simply reacting to the changes in the world around us. Through utilizing:

• Emotional understanding of transformation
• Transformation Culture
• Structure of change